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A site about Godfrey Hounsfield

Godfrey Hounsfield: intuitive genius of CT

Buying the book

The book is available in hardback or paperback by ordering online from the publisher, BIR. The paperback is available at the same price from the Amazon UK website. Links to the BIR website are as follows. To visit the BIR website: URL: http://www.bir.org.uk/

BIR book list: URL: https://birorgukportal.force.com/BookList  - You may need to scroll through about ten books on PPE before you find the biography.

Godfrey Hounsfield pioneered CT scanning. A book about him was published in 2012 and this site gives a flavour of that book. It also provides additional information from people who knew Godfrey, and links to other sources and archives.

Godfrey Hounsfield was born in 1919 on a small farm in Sutton-on-Trent in England. His pioneering work on CT scanning began in 1967, it was announced to an astonished world in 1972, and the use of CT has grown in every year since then. It gives faster and more accurate diagnosis to millions of people around the world. It eliminated previous painful examinations and greatly reduced the use of exploratory surgery. He was inundated by thanks from grateful patients. He died in 2004.

Among the many remarkable aspects of his life is that he was viewed as intellectually retarded by his father and teachers. He overcame that, and many other hurdles, using an inspiring mix of dogged determination and an intuitive way of teaching himself from first principles.

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