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A site about Godfrey Hounsfield

Free early CT software as used by Godfrey Hounsfield’s team in the 1970s

If you would like to see the latest (incomplete) version of the software, click here, or if you would like to help in completing the software, please contact Richard Waltham (via the contact us link if you do not already have these details).

The screen shot shown on the right is of patient’s code 214, taken on 10 November 1971, only 6 weeks after the very first CT scan of a patient in a hospital. The picture data which was printed in some of EMI’s CT brochures has been typed into the computer, and is now viewable with the full window controls for the first time for over 40 years. Viewer software courtesy of Ian Green. The “retro” button mimics the pixel outlining of the EMI Mk1 viewer.

The viewer is intended for Windows 7/8. It may work on some XP systems. It available at your own risk by clicking here.

Window level and width controls ->

This topic area is under development.

The aim is to explain the early software which was used for CT reconstruction, including techniques used to make it run quickly on the processors available at that time. We also aim to recreate working versions of that software which will run on today’s computers without any cost in terms of buying compilers or buying our code. The code is intended for historical and educational purposes only, and is offered without any warranty or guarantee.